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Meet the DREAM Team


Connor Dafler



Julie Dafler

Office Manager


Alex Campbell

All Star & Class Coach

"I started all star cheer at the age of 7 and fell in love with the sport!  I continued all star through my senior year of high school and also coached at a local gym.  In college I set my focus on coaching and worked at a few all star gyms during my 4 years.  I spent so much time in high school and college planning and visualizing the DREAM and I'm so grateful not only that my childhood dream has come true, but that it has turned into what it is today!  It's only the beginning!"

Favorite Thing About This Sport:

"There are so many things I love about this sport, but here are a few...  I love the uniqueness of it.  I love that every person has a role.  Some athletes are great tumblers, some are great jumpers, some are great stunters, some are great dancers - everyone brings a strength to the team in some way and there is always an area where you can place more focus or improve.  You're never "done" - there is always more to achieve.  I love that it allows us coaches to get creative & think outside of the box.  This sport challenges you and teaches you lessons that will help you in all areas of your life.  I believe it's the best sport!"

"I have been full circle in cheer... I have been a cheerleader, a cheer coach, a cheer mom and the office manager of a very busy, growing cheerleading gym.  I like to think I am helpful to people who have questions or concerns as I have seen it from all angles.  I am the extremely proud mom of Coaches Connor and Alex and pseudo mom to anyone else who needs me.  Nothing makes me happier than my gorgeous grandchildren, Maverick, JJ and Aubrey.  I love Gamecock football, Jayhawk basketball and KC Chiefs NFL football.  I have coached Island Dream Team/Cheerabilities team for the past 18 years, usually with one of my girls."

Favorite Thing About This Sport:

"This sport is amazing because it takes a village to make a successful team.  Everyone has a different skillset and so a different job to do.  It has taught my girls to work well with others, to be accountable to the team, to be respectful of their coaches and other adults and to work hard to achieve their goals.  A successful cheerleader will be a successful employee and adult."

"I cheered for 8 years and this is my 8th year coaching.  I was a middle school coach first, for 4 years at 2 different schools, and then I moved back and became an all star coach.  This is my 4th season with CDA!  Before I became a mom I was a physical education teacher working at a middle school in Columbia.  Now, I'm living back where I grew up with my husband, 2 sons and bonus daughter (when she's with us!)."

Favorite Thing About Coaching:

"My favorite thing about coaching is working with kids.  I've always enjoyed it; even in college, I worked in daycares and as a nanny.  As a PE teacher and as a coach, I love seeing kids meet their potential.  It is so rewarding to see them achieve something they've worked so hard for.  I also love getting to be a choreographer."

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Quote:

"Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities, seize common occasions and make them great."

- Orison Swett Marden

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

- Maya Angelou


Ashley Sankowski

All Star & Class Coach

"I've been with Carolina Dream from the start, in 2017 in the back of a laundry room with Coach Connor!!  I started all star cheer at the age of 7 and haven't left the sport since.  Outside of the gym I spend most of my time out on the water with my *newly wed husband* or working on DIY projects at home with my favorite helpers - my two pups, Cash & Sloane."

Favorite Thing About Coaching:

"My favorite part about coaching is the breakthrough moments!  When you're working so hard for something either individually or as a team and all of a sudden it 'clicks' or happens.  It's such an amazing feeling!"

Favorite Quote:

"Stay humble, hustle hard."


Amanda Hilton

All Star & Class Coach

"Coaching history: some form of all star cheer, middle/high school cheer, rec cheer and gymnastics since 2000...I am old!

Interesting fact: I like horses"

Favorite Thing About Coaching:

"I love everything tumbling.  Teaching and seeing progress and the mastery of a new skill.  As a coach, I think making lifelong relationships is the goal.  I am still very close with my first gymnastics coach and cheerleading coach...helps they are married haha.  I am always looking to them for advice."

Favorite Quote:

"Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken."

- Oscar Wilde


Taylor Rozeboom

All Star & Class Coach

"I cheered all star cheer for 13 years from the age of 4 till I was 17, when I was forced to stop due to an ankle injury.  In addition I coached sideline cheer off and on for 4 years and this is my second year coaching all star cheer and classes.  I am a momma of two amazing kids, Aiden and Teagan, and wife to Ben for the last 6 years."

Favorite Thing About This Sport:

"My favorite thing about this sport and coaching is the love and family that comes with it.  When I myself was cheering the gym was my favorite place in the world because I knew I had my biggest supportersas well as the most love and now I get to carry on that love and support to our athletes!"

Favorite Quote:

"Storms make trees take deeper roots."


Ijheri Jefferson

All Star & Class Coach

"I cheered all star for 12 years and also cheered at the University of South Carolina for 4 years.  I am an aspiring attorney!"

Favorite Thing About This Sport:

"My favorite thing about cheerleading is how you determine your ability/skill.  Cheer requires self-determination & motivation which is important for any aspect in life."

Favorite Quote:

"Worry less, smile more."


Dayton Loper

Stunt Coach

"I recently graduated from the University of South Carolina where I was a coed Gamecock cheerleader for 3 years and loved everything about it.  My passion is event planning and hope to open my own business one day. Fun facts: - Uncle of 3 girls - Love Starbucks & Chick Fil A - Enjoy cooking & baking"

Favorite Thing About This Sport:

"My favorite part about the sport is the feeling of accomplishment when you gain or improve your skills and see where you started from.  When coaching I am able to push cheerleaders to their full potential and allow them to be better everyday."


Addi Shrieve

Junior Coach

Favorite Quote:

"Have some fire.  Be unstoppable.  Be a force of nature.  Be better than anyone here and don't care what anyone thinks."

- Greys Anatomy

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